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We're not the traditional digital marketing agency you have to jump through hoops for to get things done. We're a tight-knit team determined to work with you and help you get results.

  • A dedicated team and a lead marketing specialist will work closely with you
  • Fast communication and weekly sync to ensure your progress and strategy is always on the right track
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planning out the growth process, together

Grow with our growth process

We are about combining strategy and execution.
We don't just provide "ideas" and "consulting" and leave you to figure it out. We do the execution with you and help you better understand.

Learn, implement, analyze, optimize and repeat is the growth process we've been successfully using to drive great results for our clients.

We deliver results.

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    What we do

    Services to help your
    business drive success

    Where strategy and implementation goes hand in hand together.

    Content Marketing

    Plan and craft content that builds your voice, speaks directly to your customers and drives significant conversions.


    We help you plan and create content that ranks high with search engines. SEO audit, on-page & off-page SEO.

    Social Media

    Research, plan, craft and optimize social posts on various platforms to help brands reach and convert audience to big fans.

    Social Ads

    Design integrated ad campaigns across social platforms to reach and convert audience. Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok - we've got you covered.

    Email Marketing & Automation

    We help you engage with customers effectively by creating newsletters, drip sequences and automated flows.

    Website Design

    We design and build sleek websites. We build Webflow / Wordpress landing pages and websites to help you build your branding and validate ideas.

    🦄 Our clients love us

    "Awesome marketing efforts. We achieved 150% more than goals for our signup rates"

    Liron Marks
    Liron Marks
    CEO, Landers & Marks Consulting

    "We are very satisfied with Aurabear team's ability to meet our needs in creating educational content. They helped our in-house marketing team to produce our first larger publication (ebook), which will be in a crucial role when scaling our content marketing and paid lead generation. I especially like Aurabear team's effective project management."

    GetJenny CMO
    Mikko Rindell
    Marketing Director, GetJenny Oy

    " Aurabear team helped us deliver great results for content and social marketing for Alkymi."

    Alison from TrustedCMO, US
    Alison Murdock
    CMO at TrustedCMO

    "Working with Aurabear was a pleasure! Very fast, precise and professional. I also felt that the fact that many people working together is really much more efficient in brainstorming and improving the final work! I definitely recommend the team to others."

    Kristiina from Renegade Tea Estate
    Kristiina Mehik
    Co-founder & CEO, Renegade Tea Estate

    "There have been immediate results, mainly in user growth. Other results I could
    highlight are having a more systematic approach, running marketing campaigns,
    testing, growth experimenting, getting records of the results and being more
    disciplined with data analytics."

    Ilkka from Tesseract Group, Finland
    Ilkka Salo
    COO, Tesseract Group

    "Excellent experience and impressed with the multitude of skill sets the Aurabear team possesses. Was able to get quality work in copywriting, SEO, and analytics tracking.  I look forward to working with them in the future!"

    Richard from VSA Fund, US
    Richard Harrison
    CEO, VSA Fund

    "Lynn and her team was amazing! They were really striving to delivering the best results. They really helped us refine our growth strategy."

    Hannah from AreTheyHappy, Belgium
    Hannah Albarece
    ‍CEO, A

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