9 vaikuttavaa chatbottia liidien hankintaan

AI chatbots, lead generation

Liidien hankinnassa chatbotit ovat yhä suosituimpia digimarkkinoijien keskuudessa. Kun puhumme liidien hankinnasta, puhumme asiakkaan kiinnostuksen tunnistamisesta tai uusien asiakkaiden houkuttelemisesta – erittäin tärkeästä myyntiprosessin vaiheesta. Näitä asiakassuhteita olisi edelleen parannettava ja vahvistettava, koska ne voivat johtaa myyntiin. Prosessi ei kuitenkaan välttämättä ole niin helppo, kuin miltä se näyttää. Vanhentuneet yritykset, kuten sähköpostiviestit massalähetyksinä ja yleiset […]

Are You A DIY SaaS Startup Owner?


Like most entrepreneurs, you had to rely solely on yourself and become a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) startup owner to get most of the work done. You had to battle through conversations with non-believers who are both your friends and family. You were trying to convince others that you are doing the right thing as their comments […]

What SaaS Startups should Outsource – P1


In recent years, forward-thinking SaaS business owners have increasingly started using the innovative and trending method of outsourcing in order to gain a foothold in the market and get ahead. Based on Cardon, M.S. (2003), there are four stages of a typical new venture including: start-up, expansion, maturity, and diversification. In this post, we want […]

How Outsourcing Can Help SaaS Startups Grow

SaaS outsourcing

SaaS (Software as a Service) startups are fragile entities that need a lot of attention in order to grow. They are generally understaffed and have few resources on hand. Overworked team members are often required to “wear many hats” in order for businesses to succeed.   Again and again, startups can’t fill all the voids in […]

9 Game-changing Chatbots for Your Lead Generation

AI chatbots, lead generation

Chatbots for lead generation are becoming more and more popular among digital marketers. When we talk about lead generation, we talk about recognizing customer interest or the process of attracting new customers—an extremely important step in the sales process. These customer relationships should be further improved and strengthened, as they have the potential to result […]