Kasvumarkkinointi vs. perinteinen markkinointi

Kasvumarkkinointi vs. perinteinen markkinointi

Markkinointi ja sen muutokset viime vuosina Markkinoinnin eri keinot ovat olleet yrityksille aina se yksi tärkeimmistä keinoista saada näkyvyyttä omille tuotteille ja palveluille. Ilman markkinointia yritys ja sen tarjoamat palvelut voivat jäädä hyvinkin tuntemattomiksi. Ennen digiaikaa niin sanottuja perinteisiä markkinoinnin keinoja olivat muun muassa lehtimainokset, radiomainokset, televisiomainokset, mainoslehtiset sekä puhelinmyynti ja muu suoramarkkinointi. Vaikka olemmekin […]

Data, Metrics, Analytics: All the SaaS metrics data analysts should know

SaaS metrics

It’s easy to take advantage of popular data tracking tools like Google Analytics and social media insights. However, for SaaS businesses in particular, these tools often provide overrated metrics like the number of page views, sessions, and the number of social media followers. Unless your business is built on visits and followers, an increase in […]

How a startup community is built? – The case of Tribe Tampere

Tribe Tampere

Tribe Tampere is a professional support organization for entrepreneurial and startup players based in one of the fastest growing regions of Finland. It provides a one-of-a-kind co-working space for a diversity of entrepreneurial people to work and connect with since its opening in September 2017. Tribe Tampere aims to foster a community for participating startups […]

The Comprehensive Guide to Finnish Startup Ecosystem – P2/2

Finnish start-up ecosystem

In the previous blog, we have covered what is Finnish start-up ecosystem, where to start when you have an idea, events and meet-ups to keep an eye on. In the second blog post, we introduce to you where to find financial back-ups, angel investors to follow and special sessions for foreign startup founders. Financial sources […]

The Comprehensive Guide to Finnish Startup Ecosystem – P1/2

Finnish Startup Ecosystem

At the beginning stage of a startup, as a startup founder, you have to deal with many challenges, from top priorities like developing successful products, finding core team members, attracting funding, and finally, covering necessary details like finding a place to work or designing company’s website. All of these tasks can be a burden to […]