Women in Tech Nordic Startups with Natalia Rincón

In this episode, we are honored to have Natalia Rincón, CEO and Founder of CHAOS to discuss about being a female founder in male-dominant industries namely Information Technology and Architecture. She dedicates her free time to the Green Party, where She serves as a deputy councilor in Tampere and as a member in several urban […]

How To Build A Startup Team and The Working Culture


On this episode, we are honored to welcome Mikael da Costa, Founder of Leadoo. Leadoo is one of the most promising Martech companies in Finland. Mikael and his team have been able to bootstrap the company and reach 1m€ turnover and over 300 customers in less than a year. Together with our host Jessica, he […]

Entrepreneurship in Art Industry and Tatinis Art Fair in Helsinki

On this episode, we welcome Ruby Gupte to our show, she is the founder and CEO of Tatinis.com, a website that provides quality arts at affordable prices. Ruby shared about her career journey from the beginning to having an established business in the art industry. Different from our previous episode, today we dive into the […]

Strategy to Outsource Sales and Marketing for Tech Startups with Henri Tikkanen

Strategy for outsourcing sales and marketing

On this episode, we have Henri Tikkanen, CEO and Smartbound Specialist of Adeptus. Adeptus is a Finnish Growth company that strongly believes in the power of the attitude, emotional intelligence and understanding efficiency in sales. They want to engage our clients to contact new customers and/or outsource it, and train salespeople and managers to become […]