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Despite not starting out in the tech scene, Kaius eventually decided to take the reigns over his startup dreams. In this episode we’ll be learning more about how Kaius overcame the challenges involved in building an app without any previous background in tech. He also will share his take on how he founded the perfect team to help guide his vision in product management at Choicely.

With his wide knowledge and experience in the field, Antti discusses the importance of inbound content marketing and hands-on strategies to grow your business from local to global by using content marketing and different types of content that works. We also chat about the growing trend of B2B marketing on YouTube, LinkedIn and of course, podcasting.

Nordic Growth Show

The startup ecosystem is growing exponentially in Nordic countries. Thus, we believe that creating a space for entrepreneurs to gather and share knowledge with each other is what needs to be done. This Nordic Growth Shown is a channel where startup founders in Nordic countries share topics they are passionate about like their founding stories, tips, and trends in Nordic startup landscape, founders’ mental health, women in tech and so on.

You will get updated with fresh insights, startup trends, and SaaS growth hacks from the North, especially a “Nordic” way of thinking and doing business which makes these countries become wealthy states while always remain in the top list of happiest countries in the world. 

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